Metrology Systems

Prior PLM Medical specialise in the design and manufacture of precision measuring equipment for the medical device industry. We utilise components from the world’s foremost manufacturers of precision measurement equipment. From advice on key issues, to design, implementation and on-going support, we provide every service and skill needed to deliver innovative metrology solutions to our customers.


  • Single and Multi-Impression Metrology Fixtures

    • Prior PLM Medical metrology fixtures are designed to hold the component with minimal distortion for repeatability and reproducibility. Clean-room compliant single and multi-cavity metrology fixtures are designed to suit all coordinate measuring and multi-sensor machines. Fixtures can incorporate a palletised system which is designed to suit the clients’ integrated 4th Axis rotary chuck. This allows the operator to measure component features that would typically require the use of multiple fixtures.
    • A load/unload station to activate holding mechanisms can be utilised for high cavity fixtures where component size and machine travel become key restraints in the fixture design. This allows the components to be placed closer together while still allowing access to all required key inspection features.
    • We have a number of pre-engineered solutions that may be quickly tailored to suit your individual needs. Single impression metrology fixtures are excellent for early development/prototype products including low volume production. The fixtures are machined to a very high degree of accuracy guaranteeing consistent component positioning for gauge R&R studies.

  • Smart Metrology Gauging

    Prior PLM Medical is aware of the challenges in performing dimensional inspections in a high volume manufacturing environment. Often the limiting factor to 24/7 output is not the manufacturing process, but the metrology required before the product can be released. By its nature, CMM metrology requires skilled operators and time-consuming programmes. Companies often try to alleviate this bottleneck by increasing their CMM resources, however each CMM can only measure one dimension at any time. In order to overcome this problem, Prior PLM Medical has developed a one-touch measurement system. This allows multiple measurements to be taken on a component simultaneously without the need for a skilled operator – at the touch of a button.

    • Turnkey Solution
    • Modular Design
    • Time Savings
    • Repeatability
    • Reproducibility
    • Systems Integration
    • Extreme Accuracy
    • SPC Integration


    • Measurement points and trend displays are identifiable at a glance.
    • Captured data values are easy to log and manage.
    • Abnormal value-ignore function ensures prevention of malfunction due to dust.
    • Easy setting/management from a PC.
    • Easy setting/Setting data backup function.
    • Gauges can also be utilised as off-line single station data measurement / collection devices.

    IT Support

    Our new smart-gauges fully integrate with industry standard SPC applications and corporate networks. Measurement data can be instantly read on a local PC or from a Corporate HQ Server on the other side of the world. Our IT engineers can also help with your FDA CFR 21 part 11 compliance.

    • Install & configure SPC applications
    • Supply bespoke PC / Fixture interfaces
    • Create custom Job Specs
    • Configure graphical monitoring
    • Export data in standard formats
    • Apply administrative security settings
    • Assist with IT Network integration
    • FDA CFR 21 part 11 compliance assistance

  • Shrinkage Study

    The shrinkage behaviour of a plastic plays a critical role in determining the final dimensions of an injection moulded component. It is well known that process conditions affect many properties of plastic parts, including shrinkage.

    • Using Smart Metrology Gauges in “Auto Mode” to measure a component shrinkage directly after it has been moulded to investigate the effects of process conditions on the shrinkage.
    • In “Auto Mode”, the fixture can monitor the shrinkage of a component over a period of minutes, hours, days, even weeks if so required and plot dimensional change over time.
    • When paired with an environmental chamber, the metrology fixture can gather data on the effects of the environmental conditions on component dimensions.
    • The use of a Smart Metrology Gauge to track the shrinkage of a component is another analysis tool that can be used to aid product developers in ensuring that their device is robust before release to the marketplace.

  • Component Analysis for fixturing locations


    Prior PLM Medical have the capability to study delicate components with finite element analysis (FEA) to ascertain appropriate clamping locations. This is key to holding the component securely, in a repeatable and reproducible position. High quality fixturing ensures efficient use of your metrology resources.